Advania Datacenter

The first part of this project are two 1200m2 datacenters.

These buildings are 80m long x 15m wide and will stand 4m at roof edge and 6,5m at the keel. The plot is 21.400m2, with planning permission for total of 5 buildings.
There is also a service building planned on the plot, for staff and control.

The core structure of each building is glulam beams (Glue laminated beams). There are 14 arches in each house. The outer walls and roof consist of laminated pressed stone-wool elements (Yleiningar). The outer walls and roof are then clad with colored corrugated metal. On the longitudinal sides are intake openings for air cooling. The air is sucked through the building and out through 12 blowers in the roof ridge. This serves as cooling for the servers that are housed in the building.

Each building houses 1440 servers, which are mounted in 240 cabinets. The cabinets form 4 rows on longitudinal side. The center span of the building houses four transformers, where each one serves one row of server cabinets. These two buildings use in total 8 kWh, which is comes from a transformer station on the next plot. This station was built by us alongside the datacenters.

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