Snow avalanche barriers in Siglufjordur

The project consists of installation of support structure for avalanche barrier in the mountain above the town Siglufjordur.

The project area is in a steep rocky mountain hill as the photos shows. The altitude ranges from 320 m to 570 m above sealevel. A path has been bulit to 320 mas for material storage and work can only be done in the summer months due to weather and snow.

The total lenght of the avalanche barrier is 1.6 Km and these will be layd in 14 lines.

Helicopters are the main mode of transport of material to the site.


Fjallabyggd and Avalanche fund of Iceland

Project start 2013
Primary analysis Hnit Consulting Engineers and Orion Consulting
Project finish 2015
Engineering design Verkís
Project supervision FSR

66.155584,-18.921904|/media/113694/Siglo_vindur_01.jpg?w=250&h=109&mode=crop|Snow avalanche barriers in Siglufjordur|/dk/konstruktion/igangvaerende-projekter/snow-avalanche-barriers-in-siglufjordur/| The project consists of installation of support structure for avalanche barrier in the mountain above the town Siglufjordur.|satellite | yellow | Yderligere