About ÍAV

Moxy Northen LightsLarge Scale Infrastructure

We are building two subsea tunnels at Solbakk in Norway for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration which will be, when completed in 2018 be the longest subsea tunnel in the world for car traffic. Construction is also undergoing in a railway tunnel in Snekkestad for the NSB - Norwegian State Railways.

Among other infrastructures we have built are bridges and airstrips in Iceland and Greenland, tunnels, roads, dams for hydro power plants, avalanche barriers, approach landing light systems and harbours.

Specialized Constructions

Among the constructions you can find power plants, both hydro- and geothermal, methanol factory for Carbon Recycling International, the Blue Lagoon, data centre for Verne Global, Harpa - Concert and Conference hall Reykjavik, air traffic control centre at Keflavik and Reykjavik airports, freezing storage, poultry slaughterhouse, warehouses and airport terminals.


Among construction projects are schools, swimming pools, service building for the Icelandic Parliament, court houses, office buildings, sports halls, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and over 7000 apartments.