64.112947,-21.773517|/media/27837/Mogginn.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Newspaper officebuilding|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/newspaper-officebuilding/| The buliding is 3,900 square meters in size, isolated from the outside and lined with tiles. Roofing plates with tare cardboard and isolation of the above. On top of the isolation imposed gravel disca...|terrain | blue | Info
64.154673,-21.934871|/media/148284/HBGrandi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Freezer storage building for HB Grandi|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/freezer-storage-building-for-hb-grandi/| IAV and HB Grandi, one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland cooperated in building a freezer storage.|terrain | blue | Info
63.880287,-22.449222|/media/8550/120ver005.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Blue lagoon|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/blue-lagoon/| The building by the Blue lagoon is the first phase of constructions that accommodates health service and tourist service facilities by the lagoon.|terrain | blue | Info
64.149509,-21.862208|/media/27784/Voruhotel.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Warehouse building for Eimskip|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/warehouse-building-for-eimskip/| A turnkey project, design management, earth work, concrete work, interior and exterior finishes and landscaping of this warehouse building for Eimskip in Sundahofn, Reykjavik.|terrain | blue | Info
64.162337,-21.678555|/media/27786/Kjuklingaslaturhus_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Poultry slaughterhouse in Mosfellsbaer|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/poultry-slaughterhouse-in-mosfellsbaer/| A turnkey project, design management, earth work, concrete work, interior and exterior finishes and landscaping of this poultry slaughterhouse and processing plant at Voluteigur 2 in Mosfellsbaer.|terrain | blue | Info
64.120271,-21.80164|/media/27789/Orkuveitan_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Headquarters of Reykjavik Energy|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/headquarters-of-reykjavik-energy/| Interior finishes of the headquarters of Orkuveita Reykjavikur. The building is approx. 14.000 m² and is divided into two separate buildings.|terrain | blue | Info
64.145661,-21.898687|/media/27792/Borgartun26_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Office building - Borgartún 26|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/office-building-borgartun-26/| Borgartun 26 is divided into two parts of different height, five and eight floors and on top of the elevator shaft there is a technical space of approx. half a floor.|terrain | blue | Info
64.134514,-21.869232|/media/27794/Glaesibaer_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Office building Glæsibær|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/office-building-glaesibaer/| The office building in Glæsibær is approx. 10.000 m², eight floors and two basement floors. The first three floors are used as a health centre by the Blue lagoon but most of the other floors are used ...|terrain | blue | Info
64.142358,-21.891056|/media/27796/Grand_Hotel_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Grand Hotel Reykjavik|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/grand-hotel-reykjavik/| The building is more than 14.000 m² on fourteen floors i.e. a basement, 12 whole floors, indented penthouse floor and a small area on top of the elevator shafts, that is used as a panorama meeting roo...|terrain | blue | Info
64.147522,-21.942502|/media/27799/GrandHotelCentrum1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Hotel Reykjavik Centrum|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/hotel-reykjavik-centrum/| The hotel is placed in a renovated old building. Adalstraeti 16 is the oldest part of the building, built 1764. On each side of the building new buildings were built that are replicas of old famous bu...|terrain | blue | Info
64.138798,-21.938307|/media/27801/Esso_05.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|N1 Servicestations|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/n1-servicestations/| IAV have rebuilt 5 N1 (former ESSO) Servicestations in the capitol area.|terrain | blue | Info
64.122922,-21.804857|/media/27806/Olgerdin.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|ÖL - brewery|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/ol-brewery/| In August 2009 IAV competed building a 12.500 sqm storage- and officebuilding for the brewery Egill Skallagrimsson in Reykjavik.|terrain | blue | Info
64.155381,-21.95381|/media/27807/Lydi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Höfuðstöðvar og verksmiðja Lýsi hf|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/hofudstodvar-og-verksmidja-lýsi-hf/| The new processing plants inaugurated in the autumn of 2005 and spring 2012 elevated LYSI to the status of one of the most advanced processors of its kind in the world.|terrain | blue | Info
64.249416,-15.195127|/media/27808/Frystigeymsla_Skinney.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Freezingwarehouse Skinney-Thinganes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/freezingwarehouse-skinney-thinganes/| This construction included all eart work, concrete fundation, eraction of steel frames and cladding. The building will hold up to 4000 MT of frozen produce, mainly fish.|terrain | blue | Info
65.137301,-13.74178|/media/27809/Frystigeymsla_Neskaupsstad.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Freezing warehouse in Neskaupsstadur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/freezing-warehouse-in-neskaupsstadur/| On 21 October 2005, IAV and Síldarvinnslan hf. in Neskaupstadur signed a contract for construction of 7000 sqm of freezingstorage to be built in Neskaupstadur, east Iceland.|terrain | blue | Info
64.146477,-21.925775|/media/27810/Vatnsstigur14.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartments - interior finishing|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartments-interior-finishing/| This is a cooperation between IAV and Landey, the owner of the building. The scope of our work was interior finishing of 7 apartments at Vatnstigur 14, Reykjavik.|terrain | blue | Info
64.151047,-21.989553|/media/43819/Hrolfsskalamelur2-8_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartments Hrolfsskalamelur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartments-hrolfsskalamelur/| This is a cooperation between IAV and Landey, the owner of the building.|terrain | blue | Info
64.144584,-21.896307|/media/27842/Soltun_Manatun_1_afangi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartments Soltun & Manatun|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartments-soltun-manatun/| A turnkey project of building 200 exclusive luxury apartments at Soltun and Manatun in the heart of Reykjavik. The buildings are six and seven floors concrete cast on site and with a metal cladding.|terrain | blue | Info
64.075268,-21.972993|/media/27844/Herjolfsgata.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartments in Hafnarfjördur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartments-in-hafnarfjordur/| The buildings are well situated at the edge of untouched lava with an ocean view. The lava behind the buildings is conserved, so when designing the building site it was important to let the buildings ...|terrain | blue | Info
64.146528,-21.925276|/media/27846/Lindargata.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartment building – Lindargata 27|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartment-building-lindargata-27/| The building is an exclusive eight floor apartment building. It accommodates 27 luxury apartments and six garages. IPC’s marketing department sold all the apartments.|terrain | blue | Info
64.146546,-21.924479|/media/43795/Lindagata27_1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Lindargata 37 – Exterior work|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/lindargata-37-exterior-work/| The building, Lindargata 37, had previously been built by ÍAV. The concrete work was finished and the windows and exteriors doors had been installed.|terrain | blue | Info
64.147061,-21.924157|/media/27849/101_Skuggahverfi_annar_afangi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Apartments Skuggi|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/apartments-skuggi/| This is phase 2 of three for this project which consists of 97 apartments in a 19 stories high bulding. The area is called Shadow district downtown Reykjavik. These buldings are among the highest in I...|terrain | blue | Info
64.147061,-21.924157|/media/27849/101_Skuggahverfi_annar_afangi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|101 Skuggi apartments, 1. phase|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/101-skuggi-apartments-1-phase/| IAV was commisioned to refurbish the whole tiling system of the building, about 3500 sqm as well as resolving leeks by windows at several places.|terrain | blue | Info
64.145119,-21.897185|/media/27852/Borgartun_luxusibudir.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Luxury apartments|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/luxury-apartments/| This residential building is a traditional reinforced concrete construction with outside insulation and cladded with colored aluminium plates.|terrain | blue | Info
64.083048,-21.943926|/media/3421/dalshraun_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Office building in Hafnarfjordur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/office-building-in-hafnarfjordur/| The building at Dalshraun 3 is a five-story office buildings as well as underground parking garage on one floor. In total it is about 5942 m2 with an underground parking of 3.097m2|terrain | blue | Info
64.16461,-21.72772|/media/37532/District_Development_Mosfellsbaer.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|District Development Mosfellsbaer|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/district-development-mosfellsbaer/| Houses were sold without complete flooring and plot complete with street construction.|terrain | blue | Info
64.146404,-21.896257|/media/27739/Borgartun_33_endurbygging.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Office building - refurbishment|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/office-building-refurbishment/| Borgartun 33 was At the start of construction of Borgartun 33 was 2,510 m2 concrete building with office space and shopping centres on three floors plus a basement.|terrain | blue | Info
64.146571,-21.924535|/media/27765/Lindargata-37.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Lindargata 37 – Exterior work (1)|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/lindargata-37-exterior-work-1/| The contract was cooperative contract negotiated between Landey and ÍAV without a tendering phase.|terrain | blue | Info
64.156027,-21.9373|/media/148284/HBGrandi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Officebuilding HB Grandi|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/officebuilding-hb-grandi/| The project was successful and in 2013 HB Grandi and ÍAV signed 4 more contracts. First was a contract for phase 1 of HB Grandi’s office extension.|terrain | blue | Info
63.877222,-22.425599|/media/148291/CRI_13JAN16.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Methanol Plant enlargement|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/methanol-plant-enlargement/| IAV works on CRI's plant expansion and is expected to be finished i December 2014.|terrain | blue | Info
63.982095,-22.586105|/media/27761/HS_veitur_Vidhald.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Geothermal heating distribution|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/geothermal-heating-distribution/| Maintenance and renewal for electrical, hot- and coldwater supply for HS ORKA.|terrain | blue | Info
64.051188, -21.987598|/media/126656/Flughermir_002.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Flight simulator building|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/flight-simulator-building/| IAV signed a contract with Iceeignir ehf, subsidiary of Icelandair, in March 2014, to construct a 750 m2 12 m high structural steel building for Icelandair new flight simulator and their emergency re...|terrain | blue | Info
63.997343, -22.623612|/media/142682/FLE06_a.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|The departure hall at Leifur Eiriksson International Airport|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/the-departure-hall-at-leifur-eiriksson-international-airport/| The new layout is designed to meet the needs of new shop and restaurant operators that will commence operations first half 2015. |terrain | blue | Info
64.025184, -22.577328|/media/144413/Stakkur02.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Power substation Helguvík|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/power-substation-helguvik/| IAV is building a 10 meter tall transformer station, 720 square meters for Landsnet.|terrain | blue | Info
64.190880, -21.739998|/media/161846/Alfsnes_03.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|SORPA – Landfill at Álfsnes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/sorpa-landfill-at-álfsnes/| SORPA – Landfill at Álfsnes Plot 20|terrain | blue | Info
63.992996,-22.629586|/media/166328/Flughlad.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|KEFLAVÍK AIRPORT - Aprons|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/keflavík-airport-aprons/| IAV´s scope of work was excavation, and filling under the new apron, sand traps, oil separators and foundations of light towers.|terrain | blue | Info
63.975594, -22.588876|/media/169962/Advania2.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Advania Datacenter|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/advania-datacenter/| The first part of this project are two 1200m2 datacenters.|terrain | blue | Info
64.025184, -22.577328|/media/161847/Helguvik02.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Silicon metal factory in Helguvík|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/silicon-metal-factory-in-helguvik/| Start of phase of project in august 2014 and expected finish in May 2016.|terrain | blue | Info
63.997343, -22.623612|/media/142691/FLE_juni_2015.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|KEF airport terminal enlargement|/en/constructions/finished-projects/industrial-commercial-office-and-apartmentbuildings/kef-airport-terminal-enlargement/| The project will be to enlarge the air terminals. Building ground area by 1.670 m2. The combined enlargement of lower ground floor, ground floor and first floor will be 5.000 m2.|terrain | blue | Info
64.099882,-21.696529|/media/161247/Fangelsi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Prison project near Reykjavik|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/prison-project-near-reykjavik/| The client for the new prison project is the Ministry of the Interior and Framkvæmdasýsla Ríkisins (FSR - Government Construction Contracting Agency)|terrain | blue | Info
64.147415,-21.930574|/media/43837/Thjodleikhus2.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|The National Theater, storage extension|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/the-national-theater-storage-extension/| The state construction agency tendered the project in June 2013. ÍAV was the successful bidder. The project started in August. The theater was in full operation throughout the project and cooperation ...|terrain | blue | Info
64.140006,-21.949806|/media/43766/Haskolatorg02.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|University Square - enlargement|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/university-square-enlargement/| The extension project of one of the Universities buildings which consists of a reception, book shop, cafeteria and an open hall for dining and studying started July 2012.|terrain | blue | Info
64.150294,-21.932285|/media/27742/Harpa_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Harpa - Concert Hall and Conference Centre|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/harpa-concert-hall-and-conference-centre/| Our signature construction is the concert and conference hall Harpa in Reykjavik. This 32.000 m2 building is a landmark for Reykjavík by the harbour site, state of the art building with four halls wit...|terrain | blue | Info
64.150294,-21.932285|/media/27737/Harpa_Bilakjallari_torg_2.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Harpa - carpark and square|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/harpa-carpark-and-square/| |terrain | blue | Info
64.10446,-22.01878|/media/27829/Ithrottamidstod_Alftanesi1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Sport Center in Alftanes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/sport-center-in-alftanes/| In December 2007 IAV started on this project which was to build a new outdoor swimmingpool and enlarge the current sportcentre in Alftanes, close to Reykjavik.|terrain | blue | Info
64.139741,-21.950774|/media/27812/Haskolatorg.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|University square and Gimli|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/university-square-and-gimli/| This project was a turnkey project were for a fixed amount IAV had to design and completely finish the buildings and their surroundings. |terrain | blue | Info
63.994375,-22.554278|/media/27827/Iþrottaakademian.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Sports academy in Reykjanesbaer|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/sports-academy-in-reykjanesbaer/| Earth work, concrete work, interior and exterior finishes and landscaping. The building is approx. 2.700 m² partly on two floors. On the ground floor there are lecture halls, classrooms and a large sp...|terrain | blue | Info
65.077553,-14.03785|/media/27821/Sundlaug_Eskifirdi.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Swimmingpool in east Iceland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/swimmingpool-in-east-iceland/| This is a 25 meter long outdoor swimmingpool, gliding pool, shallow pool for kids and main building with dressing rooms and office.|terrain | blue | Info
65.685051,-18.119847|/media/27811/Ransokn_nyskopun_Aey.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Borgir - Research and Development Center|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/borgir-research-and-development-center/| The building is 4 - 6 floors with a connecting staircase area for the three parts of the first to forth floor but one part of that area is seven floors.|terrain | blue | Info
64.166228,-21.725249|/media/27813/Lagafelsskoli.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Lagafell school in Mosfellsbaer|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/lagafell-school-in-mosfellsbaer/| The first phase was the 5.000m² school building, build in a curve with a 400 m radius. Open spaces are in the building that creates a mood of town squares.|terrain | blue | Info
64.141936,-21.87706|/media/27817/Armann.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Sport center in Reykjavik|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/sport-center-in-reykjavik/| The building is on two floors, 3.200 square meters, about 22.600 cubic meters. It is a traditional reinforced concrete building with steel frame structures with so called Lett-tak roofing system.|terrain | blue | Info
65.261991,-14.393202|/media/27819/Leikskoli_Skogarland.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Preschool in east Iceland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/preschool-in-east-iceland/| IAV finished building an addition to the preschool at Skogarstrond in 2005. An additional building was added in 2007.|terrain | blue | Info
64.156428,-21.755286|/media/27816/Sjalandsskoli.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Sjalandsskoli in Gardabær|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/sjalandsskoli-in-gardabaer/| IAV built the first and second phase of this school building, an elementary school for the district of Sjaland and Grundir. The first phase was a 4.000 m² school building mostly on two floors.|terrain | blue | Info
64.137296,-21.945845|/media/27822/Askja.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Askja – University of Iceland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/askja-university-of-iceland/| Earth and concrete work and outdoor finishes of a 8.600 m2 teaching facilities on three floors and a technical basement.|terrain | blue | Info
|/media/37529/Reykjaneshollin.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Reykjanes Sports Stadion|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/reykjanes-sports-stadion/| This building is the first multi sport indoor stadium. It is over 8000 square meters in total.|terrain | blue | Info
64.146795,-21.940154|/media/27831/Alþingi1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Service building for the Icelandic Parliament|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/service-building-for-the-icelandic-parliament/| Building the service building for the Icelandic Parliament and an underground car park. Earth work, concrete work, exterior and interior finishes and landscaping.|terrain | blue | Info
64.112198,-21.794885|/media/27824/Arbaejarlaug.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Community swimming pool|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/community-swimming-pool/| The building sits high at the end of the river valley Ellidaárdalur with a view over the valley.|terrain | blue | Info
64.104466,-22.017684|/media/27823/Álftanesskoli.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|School in Alftarnes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/school-in-alftarnes/| This new school for art and craftsmanship in Alftarnes opens many new possibilities for more variety in the school work. |terrain | blue | Info
64.147725,-21.932357|/media/43768/SuprimeCourt.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|The Supreme Court of Iceland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/the-supreme-court-of-iceland/| Earth work, concrete work, interior and exterior finishes with custom made furnishings. The Supreme Court of Iceland is a 2.600 m² building on three floors, a basement and an underground car park. The...|terrain | blue | Info
64.068754,-21.95783|/media/27838/Heradsdomur_Reykjaness.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Courthouse of Reykjanes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/courthouse-of-reykjanes/| The earth work, concrete work, interior and exterior finishes of this courthouse in Hafnarfjordur.|terrain | blue | Info
64.144149,-21.900729|/media/27835/Hjukrunarheimilid_Soltun1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Soltun nursing home|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/soltun-nursing-home/| The building is very well equipped with all the best possible facilities for nursing and caretaking of the residents.|terrain | blue | Info
63.996139,-22.623448|/media/27840/Flugstod_Leifs_Eirikssonar.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Leifur Eiriksson airport terminal|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/leifur-eiriksson-airport-terminal/| Interior finishes of 15.000 m² new addition to the Leifur Eiriksson airport terminal as well as all mechanical systems.|terrain | blue | Info
63.991692,-22.549496|/media/27756/Nesvellir_RNB.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Nursing home in Reykjanes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/nursing-home-in-reykjanes/| The work commenced in October 2012 and was finished in November 2013, except for few items that was withhold by the buyer, which were finished in February 2014.|terrain | blue | Info
64.147871,-21.931335|/media/113713/Arnarhvoll_2014.png?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Old high court refurbishment|/en/constructions/finished-projects/public-buildings/old-high-court-refurbishment/| The project involves the removal of loose concrete and repair of all concrete damage, replacement of all windows for new ones in original form. |terrain | blue | Info
66.124893,-23.188218|/media/43798/Bol_snjoflod1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Snow avalanche barriers in Bolungarvik|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/snow-avalanche-barriers-in-bolungarvik/| The project consists of a 710 m long transverse avalanche barrier and eight cones placed higher up in the mountain.|terrain | blue | Info
64.090526,-21.976568|/media/148293/Alftanesvegur_02.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Road to Alftanes|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/road-to-alftanes/| IAV won a contract to build a new road at Alftanes near the capitol area. The road is about 4 km long, with three pedestrian tunnels, crossroad , exits and one roundabout.|terrain | blue | Info
64.167957,-21.683929|/media/27747/Ullarnesbrekka.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Main road 1, Hafravatn – Thingvellir|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/main-road-1-hafravatn-thingvellir/| The project involves a doubling of the main road system (1) between the road from Hafravatnsvegur and to the road Þingvallavegar|terrain | blue | Info
64.147562,-21.751897|/media/27748/OR_Strengur.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|High voltage cable for Reykjavik Energy|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/high-voltage-cable-for-reykjavik-energy/| A 10 km underground 132 kV high voltage cable was layed for Reykjavikk Energy by using horizontal directional drilling tools as well as traditional ditching. |terrain | blue | Info
65.261556,-14.001191|/media/27774/Snjoflodavorn_Seydisfjordur.png?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Snow avalanche barriers in Seydisfjordur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/snow-avalanche-barriers-in-seydisfjordur/| The transverse snow avalanche barriers in Seydisfjordur were tendered out and IPC received the project that included building two barriers with filler material, loose material and cut cliffs obtained ...|terrain | blue | Info
63.985038,-22.605864|/media/27778/Flugbrautarljos_KEF.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Renewal of Approach Landing Light System|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/renewal-of-approach-landing-light-system/| Renewal of the approach landing light systems in Keflavik international airport.|terrain | blue | Info
66.124893,-23.188218|/media/27776/Oshlid_002.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Roadtunnel Bolungarvik - Oshlid|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/roadtunnel-bolungarvik-oshlid/| The rock tunnel is 5,1 km long, and the total length of the portals is approximately 0,3 km, so the total length of the tunnel is 5,4 km|terrain | blue | Info
66.943369,-53.669443|/media/43802/Ulkebugt_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Bridge over Ulkebugten - Greenland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/bridge-over-ulkebugten-greenland/| Construction of a 225 meter long bridge over a Ulkebugt fjord in Sisimiut in west Greenland|terrain | blue | Info
64.362616,-21.783976|/media/27763/Nordural_RF25.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Extensions for Century Aluminum|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/extensions-for-century-aluminum/| Concrete work, structural steelwork and cladding, electrical utilities, small power and lighting. |terrain | blue | Info
64.949278,-15.80028|/media/27746/Adkomugong_Karahnjukar.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Entrance tunnel at Karahnjukar|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/entrance-tunnel-at-karahnjukar/| The entrance tunnel lies under the Karahnjukar dam.|terrain | blue | Info
68.720554,-52.794436|/media/27781/Graenland_flugbraut.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Airfield in Aasiaat, Greenland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/airfield-in-aasiaat-greenland/| Construction of a 799 meter long landingfield in Aasiaat in west Greenland as well as a 5 Km asphalt road from Aasiaat to the airport|terrain | blue | Info
65.004976,-15.019526|/media/27732/Stodvarhus_Fljotsdal.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Powerhouse at Karahnjukar|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/powerhouse-at-karahnjukar/| The powerhouse is an underground building approx. 115 m long, 14 m wide and 34 m tall at the highest point.|terrain | blue | Info
64.047993,-22.01903|/media/37531/StraumsvikRTA_Voltage_Raising.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Voltage raising project - RTA Straumsvík|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/voltage-raising-project-rta-straumsvik/| Alcan in Iceland which is owned by Rio Tinto Alcan contracted with IAV for civil construction work in connection with the main substation and rectifier buildings.|terrain | blue | Info
63.877222,-22.425599|/media/37530/Metanolverksmidja.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|CRI - Renewable Methanol Plant|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/cri-renewable-methanol-plant/| IAV has constructed a Methanol plant at Svartsengi, Reykjanes for Carbon Recycling International (CRI), the plant is called GO Plant. |terrain | blue | Info
65.507216,-14.366687|/media/18131/Lagarfossvirkjun.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Enlargement of the Lagarfoss Hydro Powerplant|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/enlargement-of-the-lagarfoss-hydro-powerplant/| Extension of the powerhouse in the Lagarfoss hydro power plant, new intake structure, north of the existing one and a concrete penstock.|terrain | blue | Info
64.196525,-19.034375|/media/18132/Vatnsfellsvirkjun.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Vatnsfell Hydro Power Plant|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/vatnsfell-hydro-power-plant/| The power plant uses the height difference between Thorisvatn and the reservoir for the power plant at Sigalda|terrain | blue | Info
63.878432,-22.43284|/media/43756/220KV_overhedline.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|220 kV overhead power line|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/220-kv-overhead-power-line/| The scope of this project was to raise a 220 kV overhead power line from the geothermal plant at Svartsengi to Raudi Melur (Red Gravel).|terrain | blue | Info
63.939717,-17.367956|/media/27773/Gigjukvisl.png?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Bridge in south Iceland|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/bridge-in-south-iceland/| The length of the bridge is 300 m and the superstructure is all reinforced concrete. The bridge is supported by 7 pillars and the span between the pillars is 50 m.|terrain | blue | Info
64.007641, -22.555808|/media/104884/Ver01.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Helguvík - steel pipe factory|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/helguvik-steel-pipe-factory/| A project blasting out for a steel pipe factory.|terrain | blue | Info
64.53544,-18.192507|/media/27729/Hagongumidlun.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Hagongur water diversion|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/hagongur-water-diversion/| This project was to build a dam at Koldukvisl east of South-Hagangar, a bottom channel was also a part of the project as well as a bypass dam northwest of South-Hagangar.|terrain | blue | Info
63.878488,-22.432917|/media/27731/Orkuver5.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Geothermal Power Plant|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/geothermal-power-plant/| Verkafl, a subsidary of IAV was the main contractor for all groundwork, powerhouse and other buildings in connection with this Hydro Power Plant.|terrain | blue | Info
64.124206,-21.811897|/media/27779/Hofdabakkabru.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Hofdabakki bridge|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/hofdabakki-bridge/| Construction of a bridge over the main road, Vesturlandsvegur at Hofdabakki.|terrain | blue | Info
64.129454,-21.931319|/media/5075/Flugstjorn_002.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|AirTraffic Control Center at Reykjavik Airport|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/airtraffic-control-center-at-reykjavik-airport/| Our task in 2009 was to replace the roof of the building while Control Center was under full operation.|terrain | blue | Info
64.040092, -22.712854|/media/104885/Loka-018.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Costal protection|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/costal-protection/| This is one of many coastal protection projects ÍAV has worked on in the Reykjanes penisula.|terrain | blue | Info
64.150340, -21.932230|/media/104886/P9180022.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Harbour - Landfill|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/harbour-landfill/| To be able to excavate and build the foundament for the Concert Hall it was necessary to make a sheetpile wall around the buildings perimeter.|terrain | blue | Info
63.992996,-22.629586|/media/104879/Flughlad_grofur.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Aprons at KEF airport|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/aprons-at-kef-airport/| IAV was the lowest bidder for the implementation of the second phase expansion of cargo apron as well as other changes.|terrain | blue | Info
64.728062,-15.197175|/media/27762/Saudarveita.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Saudarveita water diversion|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/saudarveita-water-diversion/| The access route to the work area is through Fljótdalsvegur where Fljótdalsvegur is seperated into Kárahnjúkavegur and Hraunvegur. The route lies from there through Hraunvegur over a bridge east of Jö...|terrain | blue | Info
64.235371,-19.369097|/media/27764/Budarhals_Fallpipur.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Budarhals Hydroelectric project, Penstock|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/budarhals-hydroelectric-project-penstock/| The scope of the work is to design, build and erect two penstocks in the project, incl. interior finishing and providing of flowmetes.|terrain | blue | Info
64.326847, -22.061727|/media/144421/AK_Landsnet1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Power Substation|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/power-substation/| IAV signed a contract with OR in August 2014 to construct 670 m2 Concrete Building housing client High Voltage Distribution Systems. Total floor area is 1000 m2 at different elevations. The High Vol...|terrain | blue | Info
66.151329,-23.243112|/media/43784/Landsnet_02.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Emergency Power Plant Bolungarvík|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/emergency-power-plant-bolungarvik/| IAV signed a contract with Landsnet (Owns and operates all major electricity transmission lines in Iceland.) in August 2013 to construct 1000 m2 emergency power plant station in Bolungarvik in NW of...|terrain | blue | Info
66.155584,-18.921904|/media/144410/Siglo_15_01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Snow avalanche barriers in Siglufjordur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/snow-avalanche-barriers-in-siglufjordur/| The project consists of installation of support structure for avalanche barrier in the mountain above the town Siglufjordur.|terrain | blue | Info
59.030404,5.944358|/media/144389/Solbakkkort.png?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Subsea tunnel - Stavanger, Norway|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/subsea-tunnel-stavanger-norway/| Solbakk tunnel is a part of the project Ryfast / Eiganes tunnel which connects Ryfylke and North Jæren in Rogaland together.|terrain | blue | Info
59.454297,10.349838|/media/144417/Snekk_areal.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Railway tunnel and tracks in Norway|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/railway-tunnel-and-tracks-in-norway/| The project Holm – Nykirke has a total length of 14.1 km of double railway tracks from Holm Sande to Nykirke crossing tracks in Re.|terrain | blue | Info
64.029162,-22.579947|/media/43865/Helguvik_1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Aluminum smelter in Helguvík|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/aluminum-smelter-in-helguvik/| IAV signed contract with the aluminum smelter company Century Aluminum (Nordural), the owner, in 2008.|terrain | blue | Info
66.074436, -23.144602|/media/144427/Isafj_01.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Avalanche and mud barriers at Isafjordur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/avalanche-and-mud-barriers-at-isafjordur/| IAV won a contract with the town of Isafjordur and the Avalanche fund of Iceland.|terrain | blue | Info
65.694189,-18.05373|/media/163734/VadlaheidiLastBlast-032.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Vadlaheiditunnel|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/vadlaheiditunnel/| A 7.17 Km long roadtunnel in north Iceland with 320 meter long portals, total of 7.5 Km.|terrain | blue | Info
63.985041, -22.605461|/media/166335/Malbik01.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|KEFLAVÍK AIRPORT - Renewal of two 3 km runways|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/keflavík-airport-renewal-of-two-3-km-runways/| The project is to fix the section of two runways, no: 02-20 and 11-29 at the Keflavik airport by milling the surface and laying out new asphalt, renewing all electrical conduit pipes (PE pipes) and in...|terrain | blue | Info
64.105927, -19.805196|/media/163723/BUR0317.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Burfell Extension Hydroelectric Project|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/burfell-extension-hydroelectric-project/| |terrain | blue | Info
66.074436, -23.144602|/media/150288/Kubbur01.jpeg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Avalanche barriers at Isafjordur|/en/constructions/finished-projects/infrastructure/avalanche-barriers-at-isafjordur/| The work involves the installation of retaining structures of steel in an avalanche prone areas at Brattahlíð mountain Kubba above Holtahverfi in town of Ísafjörður. |terrain | blue | Info
63.957193,-21.0703818|/media/181200/sudurlvegur.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Main Road #2 - South Iceland|/en/constructions/current-projects/main-road-2-south-iceland/| IAV handle the widening of the Suðurlandvegur(part of highway nr. 1) road between Hveragerði and Selfoss.|terrain | yellow | Info
64.0789442,-21.9296483|/media/181201/1135838.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) - New Headquarters|/en/constructions/current-projects/the-icelandic-road-and-coastal-administration-irca-new-headquarters/| IAV build new headquarters for the Icelandi road administration|terrain | yellow | Info
64.116727, -21.946720|/media/181194/dji_0657.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Lagoon in Kópavogur Iceland|/en/constructions/current-projects/lagoon-in-kopavogur-iceland/| |terrain | yellow | Info
64.086640, -21.886549|/media/177088/Vifilsholl00.JPG?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Vífilshöll – Multiuse Sport hall|/en/constructions/current-projects/vifilsholl-multiuse-sport-hall/| In accordance with the tender documentation, the work consists of total design and erection of the building.|terrain | yellow | Info
64.1166872,-21.789057,31|/media/181179/DJI_0047-X_edited.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Hraunbær 153-163|/en/constructions/current-projects/hraunbaer-153-163/| |terrain | yellow | Info
63.962223, -21.124186|/media/177086/Hringvegur-1-d6-1-afangi-1.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Main Road #1 - South Iceland|/en/constructions/current-projects/main-road-1-south-iceland/| The first part of the widening of Suðurlandsvegur, part of highway nr. one in South Iceland|terrain | yellow | Info
64.1478811,-21.8906639|/media/181175/DJI_0075-X_edited.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Kirkjusandur - apartment- and office buildings|/en/constructions/current-projects/kirkjusandur-apartment-and-office-buildings/| |terrain | yellow | Info
64.137366, -21.930167|/media/180637/LSH_borun.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|New Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland - Earthworks|/en/constructions/current-projects/new-landspitali-the-national-university-hospital-of-iceland-earthworks/| |terrain | yellow | Info
64.150668, -21.791341|/media/172859/Moavegurmai2018.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Móavegur 2-12|/en/constructions/current-projects/moavegur-2-12/| Iceland General Contractor constructs a 155-apartment affordable rental-housing complex entailing seven 3-4 storey buildings with shared underground carpark.|terrain | yellow | Info
64.098803, -21.889663|/media/172864/201_loftmynd.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Public housing in 201 Smári|/en/constructions/current-projects/public-housing-in-201-smari/| ÍAV takes on the role of contractor guidance in the construction of more than 650 apartments for Smárabyggð. |terrain | yellow | Info
63.997343, -22.623612|/media/170149/Flugskyli_02.jpg?width=250&height=109&mode=crop|Icelandair Hangar Project at KEF Airport|/en/constructions/current-projects/icelandair-hangar-project-at-kef-airport/| |terrain | yellow | Info

Current projects

Current projects
Main Road #2 - South Iceland See on map
The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) - New Headquarters See on map
Lagoon in Kópavogur Iceland See on map
Vífilshöll – Multiuse Sport hall See on map
Hraunbær 153-163 See on map
Main Road #1 - South Iceland See on map
Kirkjusandur - apartment- and office buildings See on map
New Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland - Earthworks See on map
Móavegur 2-12 See on map
Public housing in 201 Smári See on map
Icelandair Hangar Project at KEF Airport See on map

Finished projects

Industrial-, commercial-, office- and apartmentbuildings
Newspaper officebuilding See on map
Freezer storage building for HB Grandi See on map
Blue lagoon See on map
Warehouse building for Eimskip See on map
Poultry slaughterhouse in Mosfellsbaer See on map
Headquarters of Reykjavik Energy See on map
Office building - Borgartún 26 See on map
Office building Glæsibær See on map
Grand Hotel Reykjavik See on map
Hotel Reykjavik Centrum See on map
N1 Servicestations See on map
ÖL - brewery See on map
Höfuðstöðvar og verksmiðja Lýsi hf See on map
Freezingwarehouse Skinney-Thinganes See on map
Freezing warehouse in Neskaupsstadur See on map
Apartments - interior finishing See on map
Apartments Hrolfsskalamelur See on map
Apartments Soltun & Manatun See on map
Apartments in Hafnarfjördur See on map
Apartment building – Lindargata 27 See on map
Lindargata 37 – Exterior work See on map
Apartments Skuggi See on map
101 Skuggi apartments, 1. phase See on map
Luxury apartments See on map
Office building in Hafnarfjordur See on map
District Development Mosfellsbaer See on map
Office building - refurbishment See on map
Lindargata 37 – Exterior work (1) See on map
Officebuilding HB Grandi See on map
Methanol Plant enlargement See on map
Geothermal heating distribution See on map
Flight simulator building See on map
The departure hall at Leifur Eiriksson International Airport See on map
Power substation Helguvík See on map
SORPA – Landfill at Álfsnes See on map
KEFLAVÍK AIRPORT - Aprons See on map
Advania Datacenter See on map
Silicon metal factory in Helguvík See on map
KEF airport terminal enlargement See on map
Public Buildings
Prison project near Reykjavik See on map
The National Theater, storage extension See on map
University Square - enlargement See on map
Harpa - Concert Hall and Conference Centre See on map
Harpa - carpark and square See on map
Sport Center in Alftanes See on map
University square and Gimli See on map
Sports academy in Reykjanesbaer See on map
Swimmingpool in east Iceland See on map
Borgir - Research and Development Center See on map
Lagafell school in Mosfellsbaer See on map
Sport center in Reykjavik See on map
Preschool in east Iceland See on map
Sjalandsskoli in Gardabær See on map
Askja – University of Iceland See on map
Reykjanes Sports Stadion See on map
Service building for the Icelandic Parliament See on map
Community swimming pool See on map
School in Alftarnes See on map
The Supreme Court of Iceland See on map
Courthouse of Reykjanes See on map
Soltun nursing home See on map
Leifur Eiriksson airport terminal See on map
Nursing home in Reykjanes See on map
Old high court refurbishment See on map
Snow avalanche barriers in Bolungarvik See on map
Road to Alftanes See on map
Main road 1, Hafravatn – Thingvellir See on map
High voltage cable for Reykjavik Energy See on map
Snow avalanche barriers in Seydisfjordur See on map
Renewal of Approach Landing Light System See on map
Roadtunnel Bolungarvik - Oshlid See on map
Bridge over Ulkebugten - Greenland See on map
Extensions for Century Aluminum See on map
Entrance tunnel at Karahnjukar See on map
Airfield in Aasiaat, Greenland See on map
Powerhouse at Karahnjukar See on map
Voltage raising project - RTA Straumsvík See on map
CRI - Renewable Methanol Plant See on map
Enlargement of the Lagarfoss Hydro Powerplant See on map
Vatnsfell Hydro Power Plant See on map
220 kV overhead power line See on map
Bridge in south Iceland See on map
Helguvík - steel pipe factory See on map
Hagongur water diversion See on map
Geothermal Power Plant See on map
Hofdabakki bridge See on map
AirTraffic Control Center at Reykjavik Airport See on map
Costal protection See on map
Harbour - Landfill See on map
Aprons at KEF airport See on map
Saudarveita water diversion See on map
Budarhals Hydroelectric project, Penstock See on map
Power Substation See on map
Emergency Power Plant Bolungarvík See on map
Snow avalanche barriers in Siglufjordur See on map
Subsea tunnel - Stavanger, Norway See on map
Railway tunnel and tracks in Norway See on map
Aluminum smelter in Helguvík See on map
Avalanche and mud barriers at Isafjordur See on map
Vadlaheiditunnel See on map
KEFLAVÍK AIRPORT - Renewal of two 3 km runways See on map
Burfell Extension Hydroelectric Project See on map
Avalanche barriers at Isafjordur See on map