Advania Datacenter

The first part of this project which started in 2014 are two datacenters designed for high-performance computing utilising the cold climate, constant wind and green energy available in Iceland.

In total there is planning permission for a total of 5 buildings as well as a service building planned on the plot, for staff and control. These houses have all been built and future development is underway on the adjacent plot.

These buildings are provided with electricity which is comes from a transformer station on the next plot. This station was built by us alongside the datacenters

63.975594, -22.588876|/media/169962/Advania2.jpg?w=250&h=109&mode=crop|Advania Datacenter|/en/constructions/current-projects/advania-datacenter/| The first part of this project are two 1200m2 datacenters.|satellite | yellow | Info