Aluminum smelter in Helguvík

IAV signed contract with the aluminum smelter company Century Aluminum(Nordural), the owner,  in 2008.

To construct 40.000 sqm  Potroom Building, as part of their new 360.000 metric tons  aluminum reduction facility in Helguvík Iceland.

In addition to the Potroom  contract lAV have signed contract to build  the  GIS substation building and the Rectifier building.

At early stage the owner decided to slow down the construction and later on to suspend the construction due to the economic crises.


Cast in place: Precast: Steel Structure:
Concrete 22.000 m³ Concrete 5.800 m³ Steel Frames etc. 2.880 tons
Reinforcement 2.100 tons Lean Concrete 12.000 m³ Crane Runway etc. 1.781 tons
Formwork 53.000 m² Reinforcement 675 tons Claddings 64.850 m²
Embedded Steel 78 tons Formwork 29.200 m²  
  Embedded Steel 54 tons  

Century Aluminum

Project start May 2008
Project finish Unknown
Contractor ÍAV hf.
Architects THG architects
Structural and HVAC design HRV Engeneering
Site engineer and Supervision HRV Engeneering
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