Avalanche and mud barriers at Isafjordur

IAV won a contract with the town of Isafjordur and  the Avalanche fund of Iceland.

The project is to build four different size and type of  avalanche and mud barriers in the mountain above the town of Isafjordur.

The project started in September 2013 and will last until October 2016 as work can only be done in the summer months due to weather and snow.

Avalanche no Total length Soil used from site Soil removed Blasted and chrushed gravel from mine Steel mesh panels
Avalanche A 400 lm 70.000 m3 40.000 m3 37.200 m3 4.140 m2
Avalanche 3 300 lm 4.000 m3 7.800 m3 0 m3 0 m2
Avalanche 4a 200 lm 23.000 m3 14.600 m3 6.000 m3 1.900 m2
Avalanche 4b 160 lm 4.000 m3 15.000 m3 3.400 m3 675 m2
Total 1.060 lm 101.000 m3 77.400 m3 46.600 m3 6.715 m2


Isafjordur Town

CCCA - Government Construction Contracting Agency

Project start

September 2013

Project finish

October 2016
Contractor  ÍAV
Project Management ÍAV

Project supervision

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