New Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland - Earthworks

The work is mostly on the southern part of Landspítalan's site, bounded by Hringbraut to the south, Vatnsmýrarvegur to the west and Bústaðavegur / Snorrabraut to the east. The work is part of a new Landspitali at Hringbraut.

The work includes:

  • Demolition of the existing surface of streets, footpaths, parking lots and green areas, along with all the earthwork for the treatment core. 

Among other things, the proposed rock cutting (press splitting) along the northern side of the pit and the eastern edge of the basement. There is a large amount of material that requires coordination and organization of traffic to and from the workshop.

  • Earthwork for potential basements east of the treatment center.
  • All work on pipes in the area, including changes in utility systems due to work on the treatment core.
  • Constructing connection tunnels and supporting walls.
  • Constructing tunnels under Snorrabraut.
  • New construction of streets, parking lots and walking paths.
  • Making temporary parking spaces.


Project owner Nýi Landspítalinn ohf
Project start July 2018
Project finish April 2020
Architects ASK arkitektar ehf
Landscaping Landark ehf
Structural engineering Efla hf
Pipes and ventilation Efla hf
Electrical design Efla hf
supervision Famkvæmdasýslan


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