Silicon metal factory in Helguvík

Start of phase of project in august 2014  and expected finish in May 2016.

1st phase is one furnish 35 megawatts. Design is for 4 furnish and 140 megawatts to be finished in 10 years.

ÍAV will undertake various work on site  and supervise all work on the factory premises.

ÍAV will build Furnish building, supervise the project and manage design.

Ground floor is  2.654 m2 and the height of building is  41 m . Total floor area is 6.700 m2

Customer United Silicon ehf.
Structural engineering and design of factory Tenova pyromet, South Africa
Project start August 2013
Project finish May 2016
Site management ÍAV hf
Building design Verkís

Verkis / United Silicon hf.

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