The tunnel is 7.2 km long, mostly in solid rock.  Total length og the portals are about 320 m thus giving a total length of the tunnel 7.5 km.  The cross section is T9,5 according to the Norwegian tunnel standard and it has width in height of the road 9.5 m and cross section 66.7 m2.

The tunnel has 14 protrusions  whereof 4 of them are for turning 180°.  In the tunnel there are 4 concrete casted technical rooms and 2 beside the portals. 

The project includes road work of total 4.1 km on both sides of the tunnel.

Length of rock tunnel 7.17 km
Tunnel width at road level 9,5 m
Tunnel profile 66,7m2
Length of portal in in Eyjafjord 84 m
Length of portal in in Fnjoskadalur 224 m
Roads in Eyjafjordur 1.2 Km
Roads in Fnjoskadalur 2.9 Km

Customer Vaðlaheiðargöng hf
Project start July 2013
Project finish December 2016
Contractor Ósafl sf (50/50 JV between ÍAV and Marti Contractor)
Project design Mannvit and Verkís

Electrical engineering

VSB Engineering

Project supervision

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