14. June 2018

Kirkjusandur – Shovel thrust taken for the first phase of the project.

Wednesday, May 23rd, the first shovel was taken for the first building of the project Kirkjusandur,  the  construction consists of 77 apartments,
along with a underground car park that will be connected to other underground car parks on the lot.

The building is 7 floors and has a total area of 8,500 m², the basement and the underground car park is 3,618 m².
Chief designer is Smith Hammer Lasse in collaboration with the VA-arkitekta. A major development is planned in the area but 105 Midborg  which has the developing rights on four slots on the project area has come to an agreement with ÍAV on development´s on three of them, which will consists of residential-, office- and commercial buildings.

Work is now under way in the preparation of the project area, the installation of camp site and earthworks.
Estimated conclusion on first phase is scheduled by the end of next year.

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