14. June 2018

Project status on Burfell Power Plant expansion.

Now about 85% of all construction has been completed on the Burfell power plant expansion. All water chanels have been concluded. The entrance chanel was completed late April and the sewerage chanel was completed in beginning of May.

All concrete work will largely be completed by the end of May, followed by support walls and floors. Last winter a lot of working power has been put in to the power system and is that work well on its way as well as finishing work inside. Most of the work is done in the power station these days as well as finishing earthworks.

On Monday May 28th. testing of the power plant's machinery began. Work on the load-bearing on roads is about to begin. Material production of load-bearing materials began in May. Work is being done on project site. When most people worked on the project around 130-140 people were from us.

Today about 80 employees work on the project regularly but are decreasing fast, returning equipment from project site has started.

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