30. November 2018

Móavegur 2-12, Progress Report

Since contract signing on Feb 16, 2018, a continuous progress is claimed by ÍAV and sub trades on Móavegur 2-12 project site in Reykjavík.  The project is to deliver in a turn-key manner a 155-apartment affordable rental-housing complex entailing six 3-4 storey buildings with a shared underground carpark, with anticipated project completion in June of 2020.  The Client Bjarg is a non-profit organization formed by two of Iceland’s largest confederations of labour, ASÍ and BSRB.

At site, the project is divided in three phases for simplification, where project status, as of November 30, 2018, is as follows:

Phase I, Móavegur 12, 10 & underground carpark

Weather envelope stage is reached on both blocks, entailing total of 59 apartments and underground carpark. 

Internal light concrete walls are 85% bricked, rough-in plumbing, electrical and ventilation is 45% fitted.  Tapers and painters are mounting their tools in first apartments.

Schedule shows delivery of Phase I mid year 2019.

Phase II, Móavegur 8 & 6

Short cycle schedule shows structural concrete work completion on Dec 12, 2018. 

Roofing elements, windows and door install for the two blocks, entailing 43 apartments, starts in January of 2019. 

Schedule is to reach weather envelope stage in April of 2019.

Phase III, Móavegur 4 & 2

Underground piping install is finished and last apartment slab on grade poured on Nov 23, 2018.  Phase III consists of 53 apartments in two blocks. 

Structural concrete work above ground slab starts in January of 2019.  

Site schedule shows structural concrete work completion in April of 2019, allowing for finishing trades to replace concrete trades with more quiet tasks at site in the spring to come. 

As of now, the project site professionals, counting between 60 and 70 men daily, represent total of 12 nationalities, being Icelandic, Polish, Estonian, Russia, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, English, Scottish, Bulgarian and Algerian.

Attached photo is taken on November 27, 2018. The photo reveals for the first time the full real footprint of all blocks constructed on site.

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