29. November 2012

Harpa rewarded for exilant piping craftsmanship

All the way from 1999 The Icelandic Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Association has issued a recognition for new constructions in Iceland.

The purpose of the recognitions is to promote quality awareness among those who work in this field, promoting improved methods in piping,
the choice of piping and piping materials. Last but not least the recognition is meant to an incentive be designers and craftsmen to seek higher education in the field of piping.

This year the project Harp received the recognition, in the committee review says that:

"The complete work of all piping in Harpa is good. Availability of all equipment and installations is very accessible,
craftsmen work good. In Harp are nineteen separate ventilation systems that serve different requirements.
Also included are specialized piping systems."
Among those who were recognized.

·Mannvit hf./ Ramboll Group A/S, for piping design
·Ísloft ehf. for making the ventilation system
·ÍAV hf. plumbing department., for plumbing
·Artec Consultants Inc., for acoustics and noise control
·Rafholt. ehf.., for control system
·Iðnaðartækni ehf., for building control system
·Batteríið ehf. og Henning Larsen, for good cooperation in the preparation of piping and ventilation systems.


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Construction in Keflavík is in full swing
24. June 2021

Construction in Keflavík is in full swing

The design phase in Keflavik which began in the middle of September 2020 has now been completed. The permission to commence is expected within the next few weeks. ÍAV received early permission to carry out the earthworks of the apron to ensure that the concrete paving could commence as early in the summer as possible. ÍAV has dug and removed 120.000 cubic metres of soil and rock and imported 100.000 cubic metres of crushed aggregates since March 9th, 2021.

Sky Lagoon handed over
12. May 2021

Sky Lagoon handed over

ÍAV has handed over the Sky Lagoon project to their client Nature Resort ehf. Sky Lagoon was open to the public on May 1, 2021. Sky Lagoon website is

Móavegur 2-12, Progress Report
30. November 2018

Móavegur 2-12, Progress Report

Since contract signing on Feb 16, 2018, a continuous progress is claimed by ÍAV and sub trades on Móavegur 2-12 project site in Reykjavík. The project is to deliver in a turn-key manner a 155-apartment affordable rental-housing complex entailing six 3-4 storey buildings with a shared underground carpark, with anticipated project completion in June of 2020. The Client Bjarg is a non-profit organization formed by two of Iceland’s largest confederations of labour, ASÍ and BSRB.

Project status on Burfell Power Plant expansion.
14. June 2018

Project status on Burfell Power Plant expansion.

Now about 85% of all construction has been completed on the Burfell power plant expansion. All water chanels have been concluded. The entrance chanel was completed late April and the sewerage chanel was completed in beginning of May.