20. June 2007

Luxurious apartments under construction in Seltjarnarnes

Apartments in the elegant 26-unit apartment building under construction at Hrólfsskálamelur Plain 2-8 in the Reykjavík suburb of Seltjarnarnes are now available for sale. The building will be three storeys tall plus a parking garage in the basement. Construction on these bright, spacious, and well-appointed apartments began in mid-May, and the first units will be delivered in November 2008.

The flats are particularly elegant in terms of design, materials, fixtures and equipment, and finishing, and they are unusually well located, within walking distance of all of the services Seltjarnarnes has to offer. The buildings were designed by the architecture firm Hornsteinar.

The ceilings are higher than usual and are equipped with inset lighting and an Instabus lighting control system. The floors are heated with wireless sensors that facilitate heat control. Each apartment will have hardwood floors in the living areas and tiled floors in the foyer and laundry room. Fixtures and appliances have been selected from two companies that are well known for high quality and intelligent design: the fixtures, including granite countertops, are from Danish manufacturer JKE Design, and appliances are by Miele. Special emphasis has been placed on soundproofing between apartments, which is achieved through the construction of double-thickness floors. The balconies will feature shelters made of reinforced glass. Videophones and a surveillance camera system will be installed in the main lobby of the buildings, and all stairways will be equipped with elevators.

The buildings have been designed with an eye to modern convenience and requirements. The exterior will be clad mostly with burnished tiles, supplemented by smooth aluminium siding, and all of the windows are constructed of wood and clad with aluminium. The buildings will therefore require minimum outside maintenance.

The Hrólfsskálamelur Plain plot is uniquely situated in the Reykjavík area. It stands high on the hill in Seltjarnarnes and offers a lovely view. Both the municipal swimming pool and a network of beautiful walking trails around the peninsula are just a stone’s throw away. Local services are also close by, as is downtown Reykjavík. One of the country’s better golf courses is at the west end of town, just a short distance away, and the athletic facilities are excellent.

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Construction in Keflavík is in full swing
24. June 2021

Construction in Keflavík is in full swing

The design phase in Keflavik which began in the middle of September 2020 has now been completed. The permission to commence is expected within the next few weeks. ÍAV received early permission to carry out the earthworks of the apron to ensure that the concrete paving could commence as early in the summer as possible. ÍAV has dug and removed 120.000 cubic metres of soil and rock and imported 100.000 cubic metres of crushed aggregates since March 9th, 2021.

Sky Lagoon handed over
12. May 2021

Sky Lagoon handed over

ÍAV has handed over the Sky Lagoon project to their client Nature Resort ehf. Sky Lagoon was open to the public on May 1, 2021. Sky Lagoon website is

Móavegur 2-12, Progress Report
30. November 2018

Móavegur 2-12, Progress Report

Since contract signing on Feb 16, 2018, a continuous progress is claimed by ÍAV and sub trades on Móavegur 2-12 project site in Reykjavík. The project is to deliver in a turn-key manner a 155-apartment affordable rental-housing complex entailing six 3-4 storey buildings with a shared underground carpark, with anticipated project completion in June of 2020. The Client Bjarg is a non-profit organization formed by two of Iceland’s largest confederations of labour, ASÍ and BSRB.

Project status on Burfell Power Plant expansion.
14. June 2018

Project status on Burfell Power Plant expansion.

Now about 85% of all construction has been completed on the Burfell power plant expansion. All water chanels have been concluded. The entrance chanel was completed late April and the sewerage chanel was completed in beginning of May.